Going Grey - Karen Traviss

"Going Grey" has been on my TBR pile for a while now, partly because it's so long and partly because I haven't read anything by Karen Traviss before.


I reached for it after having read two disappointing Christmas books and the emotionally harrowing last book in the Kate Shugak series.


I wanted some light entertainment of the science fiction kind. A weird kid in danger, protected by two mercs sounded like fun.


What I got defies labeling other than to say that it's well written and completely engaging. I know what it's so long now. It's to give time for the characters and their situation to become real enough to drive the novel rather that powering it like an action movie.


I have high hopes for this now.


I also looked up Karen Traviss. Apparently she is writes widely read Star Wars books but she had to self-publish "Going Grey" because it wasn't what her publishers expected.


Well, that explains the amateur-looking cover and why I had to add the book to the Book Likes list. I am puzzled about why her publisher couldn't see what a good book this is.