Christmas Books.jpg

I was making my way through a crowded airport yesterday, wishing I was somewhere else, when I saw a display of Christmas books and suddenly I knew what I needed to do to step out of the shadows I’ve been walking in and step into the warm glow of Christmas.


I logged onto and splurged on Christmas books to whisk me away from reality for the rest of the month.


“Skipping Christmas”, is a short comedy by John Grisham about the trials that befall a couple who are trying to skip Christmas and escape to the Winter Sun. I like John Grisham when he sets his lawyer characters to one side and lets himself relax, as he did in “Playing For Pizza”.


“The Christmas Train” will be my first David Baldacci book. I’m hoping for something fun and human, tied up with a twist of magic.


“The Santa Claus Murder” by Mavis Doreil Hay is a classic whodunnit with a festive theme that will help me escape to a time when all upper lips where stiff and policemen where nice working class chaps you only let into your house through the tradesman’s entrance.


“Wolfsbane and Mistletoe” is a re-read for me but my first time in audio format. It’s a collection of urban fantasy stories, edited by Charlaine Harris, showing what supernatural folks get up to a Christmas.


I’ll let you know if they lived up to my expectations