Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris

Charlene Harris has a talent for writing about the different and the damaged; Harper Connelly is both.


Harris' smooth writing style makes this book an easy read but that is not to say that the book is without substance. Harper Connelly and her brother are both people I want to know more about: ethical, loyal, brave and broken.


Harris gives Connelly a distinctive and compelling voice. This is a woman who sees the world differently and is brave enough not to look away.


Of course, there is a plot, complex enough to be intriguing and transparent enough to let you smugly anticipate the ending, but the plot is much less important than the characterization and the back-story.


Connelly can attribute her strangeness to neglectful, abusive parents and a bolt of lightning. The people she meets have no excuse for the monstrous things that they do or allow other people to do.


As she does in her Sookie Stackhouse books, Harris leaves me feeling that the taken-for-granted violence and hatred in America is far more frightening and repellent than anything supernatural.