werewolf eyes name

My favourite urban fantasy writers seem to have a thing about werewolves. Carrie Vaughn's Kitty,  Kelley Armstrong's Elena and Martin Millar's Kalix are werewolves. Faith Hunter's Jane Yellow Rock, Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels and Melissa F Olsen's Scarlett Bernard are surrounded by werewolves and almost any vampire story seems to need a werewolf of three to add balance.


It almost makes me feel that that there ought to be a werewolf in my life. This means that, when I was researching, (sorry, looking up stuff about) , my most recent werewolf-related read, "Soulless" by Gail Carriger, a fun steam punk meets urban fantasy novel I was glad to see on Wonderworks blog that I could become my own Werewolf simply by knowing my Werewolf name.


From now on I shall be known, secretly of course for, as all fantasy readers know, there is a power in true names, as Alpha Shadow.


To learn the name of your inner werewolf, consult the picture below.


Werewolf Name