spoc ad

Just about the only social media I use are book sites. One of my favourites is booklikes.com. I like it here. It's a nice group of people, it's easy to use and I find the atmosphere relaxing.


Except for the ads in the sidebar.


I don't object to ads being there. Booklikes is free to users and readers. It's not unreasonable that there should be some monetization of site.


What bothers me is the actual ads that turn up.


As I understand it, this kind of advertising in tailored to the person browsing the net. My browsing history is analysed to help to select the kind of ads that are most likely to prompt me to buy.


Given that I've signed up for booklikes and goodreads and librarything you might it would be a no-brainer to sell books to me.

So what did I do to get this ad appearing in the sidebar?what did I do

Is there something in the books I read that suggests that I'd rather be shopping for a Russian Beauty?


Is there an assumption that anyone who spends the time that I do reading novels and then additional time writing about what I've read is compensating for being a sad lonely loser who is only snuggling up with a good book because he lacks a woman to share his life with?


Is it more a numbers driven thing? Is there some data somewhere that says that men who read fiction are more likely to have money and time on their hands and therefore would be a good candidate for this kind of ad?


I know nothing about www.russiawomendate.com but even the name puts me off.

Russia Women Date  Shouldn't that be Date Russian Women? (I typed that into my browser and got yet another Russian Women "dating" site) or have we left English behind and replaced it with the romance of a well formulated Google search string?


I can do without having ads that seem like thinly disguised ads for prostitution, human trafficking or internet infidelity.


Unfortunately, unlike other sites, booklikes doesn't offer me a way of saying that I find the ad inappropriate.


Still, I guess that's one of the things blogs are for.