butchered books


I was in a store called Anthropologie today. It sells dresses and household items, bits of art work, and slightly arty books. It is a store with a high design concept that seems to be targeted at the well-off, stylish, slightly off-mainstream, graduate market.


I liked a lot of the stuff, especially some of the paintings so I was in a relaxed mood, feeling at home, when I came across something that made me angry.


Anthropologie sell something called Library Letters. Sounds cute doesn't it? Alliterative. Literate. Playful. The kind of thing a book person would be drawn to.


library letters


Except, the cute looking letters here a made from butchered books.


I have no idea if they were good books.


They may have been headed for the pulp pile.


But no book deserves to be gutted with a jigsaw and then put on display and sold for three times the price of the average paperback.


Maybe it's just me, but this seems a major lapse in taste.


I tried to imagine other book products demonstrating a similar sensibility. I wonder if Anthropologie would find this idea appealing?


Bar B Q Books -  banned books cut to into the shape of the letters B and Q and soaked in kerosene so that you can make your next barbeque a roaring success.