The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire - Molly Harper

"The Dangers Of Dating A Rebound Vampire" continues straight on from the less-than-novella-length freebie, "I'm Dreaming Of An Undead Christmas" which I suspect should have been the opening chapters of this book. Molly Harper covers for this with her usual style, so "The Dangers Of Dating A Rebound Vampire" stands alone.


This is a light, fun piece, putting all the assassination attempts and deadly vampires and deaths and so on to one side, which follows GiGi Scanlon's adventures in her first job, working on a designing a database for the Vampire Council.


At twenty, Gigi is the youngest of the characters in the Half Moon Hollow series and the only one who is still human. Gigi is a strange mix, an attractive, athletic, computer-geek with a solid grounding in nerd culture who has grown up in the company of vampires and werewolves. She takes the job in the Vampire Council largely because the truly frightening teen-forever local vampire leader, Ophelia, tried so hard to stop her from having it and because her newly-turned-but-very-happy-about-it sister doesn't want her to work there.


Add Nick, a mysterious, handsome, charmingly old-world and randomly dangerous, four hundred year old vampire who is besotted with GiGi, some petty office politics that gets out of hand, a creepy co-worker, fight scenes and sex scenes at regular intervals, wrap it all up with snort-in-an-undignified-manner-in-public humour and get the talented Amanda Ronconi  to deliver it and you have another Half Moon Hollow book to spend quality time with.