White Trash Zombie Apocalypse - Diana Rowland

Angel Crawford is back, making progress with her "becoming a Zombie gave me a second chance" life.


She overcomes natural disasters, sinister plots and fiendish new weapons in a spirited romp through the consequences of being a new zombie with the talent and courage to do something about the bigger picture.


There was enough new in this book to add interest (zombie research labs - run by zombies? Movie zombies who may not actually be faking it) and enough that was familiar (Angel's witty if uncouth mouth, humour around the need for "BRAAAINS", and a continuing sense that there is still a great deal more to learn) to make the book a satisfying read.


Two things made the book a little less satisfying than its predecessors: the plotting and time-line are not as tight and Allison McLemore, who normally does a superb job performing the White Trash Zombie novels, read the last two-thirds of the book with a cold. She did a great job in the circumstance but I wish Audible had let her come back when she had recovered - I kept wanting to hand her a tissue.


I'm still a fan and I'm looking forward to book four: "How The White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back." I just hope that Allison McLemore is cold-free this time.