WWW: Wake - Robert J. Sawyer

It has been a long time since I read a science fiction book with such joy as “Wake”. This is science fiction as I want it to be: human, accessible, exciting, challenging, educative, serious, funny and fast-paced.


Of course, I fell in love with Calculass – the fifteen year old math genius who is given technology meant to let her see the real world for the first time. If she really had a LiveJournal blog, I would be a regular reader.


I loved the web-native view of the net, which captures what it feels like to be on-line as well as explaining the technology simply and without becoming boring.


I enjoyed the humour that peppers the book, including some of the reference that only old folks like me who’ve been on-line since the 80s (when there was no W.W.W.) will understand.


The pace of the ideas and the action and the geographic sweep of the converging sub-plots kept me turning the pages rapidly.


Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I will definitely read the rest of the trilogy and I hope someone good (preferably Canadian or British) makes the TV series that this deserves to become.